Virtual Office Hours

What the heck are virtual office hours?

Think open house.  Only without the house.  And without the realtor.  I’ll be catching up on some reading, or tidying up, until you walk through the door.  Yes, even if you live across the country, it’s easy, I’ll tell you how in a minute.

This is a firmed up time where I’ll be available to answer questions about personal financial planning. You can pop in, check things out at your leisure, and ask questions, without pressure.  In fact, if you happen to walk in while I’m chatting with someone else, you can just hang around eavesdropping.  Who doesn’t love that?  There are boatloads you can learn by listening to others chatting!

And if you’re shy, don’t worry, whether or not you share your name is entirely up to you.  It’s just a safe place to come ask some general questions about what financial planning is, how it works, how much it costs, etc.  I also welcome general discussion about all things money – earning, saving, managing, investing, and protecting.  Being a mom, I also love to talk about kids and money.  Believe it or not, you don’t have to have a Masters in Finance to raise money smart kids!

Remember, this is a general discussion.  I won’t be crunching any numbers or handing out any personalized advice or investment tips.  But I will happily answer questions about my philosophy and approach.

If you’d like to participate, shoot me a message mentioning office hours, and I’ll send you the schedule.  Don’t worry, just the schedule, periodic changes to it, and an occasional reminder.  No spam.

Oh, and as promised….

What’s are Google Hangouts and how do I use them?