My Strengths

When I did the Gallup organization’s StrengthFinder program in 2012, I realized why I was never, and would never be, content sitting crunching numbers all day. I am skilled at this, true, but it is not one of my core strengths, and so while it was financially rewarding, it left me somewhat unfulfilled.

Years before, I had begun recreating my professional life to more fully utilize my core strengths, this lit me up and got me excited about my work in a whole new way. Having Gallup help me identify those strengths and understand how they come together added fuel to that fire. Putting them to work for my clients has been deeply satisfying.

Check out my top five strenghts, and let’s talk about how I can put them to work for you.

1. Connectedness – I value people more than things. This guides my decision making and helps me see beyond concrete facts.

2. Activator – I motivate others and help them believe in their potential.

3. Strategic – I pay attention to what’s really important and select the best plan given the situation at hand.

4. Ideation – I enjoy doing things that no one has considered and can generate original plans, programs or designs.

5. Maximizer – I seek to stimulate personal growth as well as group excellence. I inspire others by finding out what really motivates them.