About Me

Nothing matters more to me in life than freedom, and helping my clients find it is the passion that fuels my days.  For some, that’s defined by a number, but for most, it’s more about what they can do in their lives.

That’s what lead me to where I am now.  Being a straight out CPA (I almost said boring CPA, but I was NEVER boring!) and a partner in a thriving firm was a good living, but it wasn’t much of a life.  I wanted more.  More time with my kids, more flexibility in my days, more satisfaction from my work.

I feel that satisfaction now, working one-on-one with a client to create and implement a plan for them to live the life they imagine.  That’s what I do through TTR Wealth Partners, LLC, a fiduciary financial planning firm I founded to bring holistic planning to the middle class.  I feel it in every post I write, group I address, and workshop or class I teach through YogaMatMoney, a blog I started to blend what I’ve learned from my years as a yogini into  I feel it in literally every conversation I have around money, freedom, and the relationship between the two, whether it’s with a client, my kids, or a stranger at the airport.  I even feel it when I’m doing a tax return (yep, still do those) because I know that for many, that is the only interaction they have with a financial professional all year and I want to make sure they get their money’s worth.

I enjoy being the architect of my days, and of my life.  I love being more available to my kids, and I’m proud of the example I’m setting for them.  I’m also proud that I practice what I preach.  Well, about as well as my best clients – I am human after all!

Realizing dreams doesn’t happen by chance.  It takes a vision, a plan, and consistent attention.  I had a vision for my life, I made a plan and then set it in motion.  I’m always monitoring and tweaking, making sure I haven’t strayed, and correcting when I have.  This is what I do for myself, and it’s what I do for my clients.  I feel blessed to have work that feels so in line with my values, and utilizes my strengths, education, specialized training, and years of experience.

My work is deeply rewarding for me.   What I do may seem to be all about numbers, but in reality it’s all about people.  Relationships are at the core of my practice.

Contact me today, and let’s begin ours.

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